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Our Asian adventure, part 3

Posted on 20-07-2016

Before we left to the other side of the world, I was certain I was going to work while traveling. Making sketches underneath a mango tree, doing projects in commission and keeping my Instagram account alive. We are on the road for almost 4 months now and as you maybe can see in this blogpost, it’s pretty difficult to work. In the beginning I was forcing myself to make a lot of sketches, because well, that was the main reason why I left. New adventures and new inspiration for new work. In the first blogpost I uploaded many sketches, now there is only one and a half sketch. While traveling I figured out that it’s difficult to look for busses, trains, airplanes, finding healthy vegetarian food, visiting inspiring places, but also try to see the local things. Living in nature with animals, but also have access to electricity and internet, and then trying to get some work done. I’ve probably thought to easy about that part. But that’s ok, all the beautiful things we’ve seen these last 4 months I will take with me home, to my illustration-table. They will come to fruition later.

Back to the adventure. I had an amazing yoga-retreat while Dave was meditated for 10 days with monks (see his video about this experience here). While traveling I’m often on the limit or outside of my comfort-zone and in this retreat I learned these are the best moments in life, it’s where the magic happens. Making the unknown me a little bit more known. Next stop was Seoul Korea, where Dave opened a recycling center and after a week we went to Vietnam. Such an amazing country, friendly people and beautiful nature. After every bus ride the landscape changes, city, dessert, forrest, mountains and rice fields. While I write this post I’m in Cambodia, in a little eco village where I had my first swim in a natural swimmingpool and loved it, make you wonder why these aren’t more common. Two more months of inspiration to go!