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Our Asian adventure, part 4

Posted on 21-09-2016

The adventure Dave and I started 6 months ago has come to an end. We’ve visited little parts of the Maldives, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. Little parts, because I think we’ve only seen a glimpse from the countries we travelled through. I have an idea about the country, their food and it’s nature, but I definitely need the come back. My third blogpost was written in a little village in Cambodia, this last blogpost I write at the kitchen table back in the Netherlands. From Cambodia we took the plane to Java Indonesia, where we did a climb up the volcanos Bromo and Ijen. I never saw a volcano before in my life, looking over the little border of this impressive big mountain with smoke coming out of the earth. There was a constant sound of a train passing by and I might felt a little bit scared. From Java we traveled to the islands Bali, Lombok, Gili Air and back to Bali, where we spent our last 3 weeks of this trip. While Dave was diving and planting baby coral (it’s a living animal, not a plant, thought this was very interesting) I made sketches in the sun. In the third blogpost I was telling you about how I was forcing myself to get inspired, and that it wasn’t working that well. I don’t know how or why, but in these last weeks I got inspired. We did some beach-clean-ups with Trash Hero and stayed at a beautiful bamboo resort in the middle of Bali. After a few days in Dubai we flew back home. It was a beautiful trip and I’ve learned so many things, I can not wait to get back to my drawing-table. But first, I need to find a new workspace and home!