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Clementine de la mer


For the winemakers of Logan I illustrated 2 wine labels last year, inspired by the winemakers daughter Clementine. This year they created a new wine named Clementine de la mer. An unique combination of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling -all skin- fermented. A little cloudy with zesty aromas like lemon, summer fruits and mandarin.

Wedding illustration for Johanna & Adriaan


Illustration for Thijs, Daniëlle, Saar and Rosie


Skip the straw | tiny stickers that help to reduce our straws


I’m very aware of the consequences a little straw causes to our environment. We only use them for a few minutes, but they stay on earth for hundreds of years. Most likely when you order a drink it comes with a straw, so often I end up using one. To remind ourselves and others, Dave and I made a tiny sticker thats helps to resist and change our habits to #skipthestraw. Free for download on

Tattoo illustration for Rob


Little invitation card for my parents birthday party


Wedding illustration for my friends Britt & Sander


Illustrations for the German Flow magazin


Illustrations for Nest magazine


For an article in the Belgian magazine Nest I made several illustrations about using chemical pesticides in the garden. Let’s go for the natural resources!

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I’m going on a little holiday, so there will be no one in my studio to pack orders for the upcoming days. I will be back in my studio to send all orders to you on the 1st of March. If you prefer the package to arrive sooner you can also check my retailers in ‘contact‘, maybe there’s a shop close by!