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PostNL Decemberzegels 2019!


Today is finally the day I can announce that for the past months I have been working on a project which I loved doing and felt very honored about;
I illustrated the December postage stamps for PostNL! 

These illustrations are inspired by my family’s tradition of individually preparing food dishes and eating these dishes together on Christmas evening.
Together the individual drawings on the postage stamps tell a story: a festive parade of humans and animals on their way to a place where they will celebrate Christmas. The parade ends with the polar bear standing next to a post box, posting cards to the ones who are not able to attend, making the story come together. To me, these December postage stamps symbolise the importance of spending time with the people and animals I love. Not only did I illustrate my father with his Christmas lights, but also the chickens who live in my backyard. I believe that the warmth that December gives us is not only for humans but also for animals.

The stamps are available online and in all the PostNL retail stores.


Hidden pictures in Bravery magazine


Can you uncover these 15 items?

Illustration about informal care




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Wine label for Cantina Beato Bartolomeo da Breganze


For the Cantina Beato Bartolomeo da Breganze, a Winery located in Breganze, Veneto Region, Italy I made this label for their new organic wine.

Illustration for Jared


Illustrations for Happinez


For Happinez magazine I illustrated the animals of 5 people, who got interviewed about what they have learned from their pet and how the animals they live with inspire them.

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Slow living illustrations for Flow Magzine


Limited edition prints at Toi Gallery


At Toi Art Gallery in Los Angelas you will find 3 of my illustrations in limited edition serie of 5! If you would be interested you can take a look at their website or instagram page.