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De Klimhal

To continue with my more personal inspired illustrations, this one is the climbing wall. Now you might think I’m all into sports, first illustrating a gym and now a climbing wall. But no, I’m not a climber. Koen is, we met almost 2 years ago and renovated a little house together. Beside the renovation he loves climbing, and I love him and the colorful stones.

De Sportschool

Personally I like to know what people are inspired by when they make art.  I find it hard sometimes to be open on social media, it feels like I’ve hit an internet border. In my illustrations you might see what inspires me, like my vegetable garden, my dog, Ilva, and my kitchen. But in my new illustrations you see a side of me that I haven’t shown before. This first illustration is the gym.


It was a place I hardly went until 3 years ago; I lost a lot of weight and wanted to be stronger. Losing that weight was a thing for me, I’ve been dieting since I was 12 years old and now I’m 30. So 18 years of dieting experience, reading books about body types, watching documentaries about sugar and everything I shouldn’t eat. I started to go many times a week, mostly very early in the morning before going to my studio. I’ve loved working out, but I’ve also learned you can go too hard, so I’m trying to put balance back into my life as well.

The first bloemenstruik illustration


This flower illustration is from a while ago, it was the first ‘Bloemenstruik’ illustration I made with ballpoint pencils. The second and third flower illustrations were much bigger and made with colored pencils. This black and white one is my personal favorite, although from the big third illustration there is a print available in my webshop. Now this one is also available, but only as the original in a oakwood frame.

Illustrations for the German Flow magazin | Unterwegs in Südtirol


Webshop information!


This weekend I’m going to Cape Town for 2 weeks to enjoy Designindaba and therefore I’m not able to send webshop orders till March 11th. If you would like to make an order, you can do this before Friday!

The Joy of Forest Bathing


For the first time I’ve illustrated a book! Which has been written by Melanie Choukas-Bradley and it’s called The Joy of Forest Bathing. The book is an introduction to forest bathing-or Shinrin-yoku in Japan, -the meditative practice of connecting with nature and disconnecting from the distractions of daily life. Forest bathing can produce mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. Melanie invites you to experience the benefits of this healing practice for yourself by learning the history and background of forest bathing, followed by detailed instructions for establishing a forest bathing practice in your own adopted wild home.



Winterwedding illustration for Lena and Pieter


Shinsegae loves Christmas


Like last year Puu villa and his friends are in and around the department store Shinsegae! You can see my illustrations inside the stores as moving bear-robots waving their paws, sniffing their noses, blinking their eyes, decorating the Christmas tree and riding the sledge together with his 3 friends. But also on the outside of the building, the elevators, the escalators, the wrapping-paper, the banners, the flags and the bags.


Workshop at La Galeria Roja


Last weekend was my first workshop and I had such a lovely and inspiring weekend with this group. Thanks you so much for your enthusiasm and La Galeria Roja for the hospitality!

Workshop in Sevilla and webshop information!


I’m going to Sevilla this weekend to do my first workshop and I’m so happy it’s at La Galería Roja. During this 3 day workshop I’m going to share my inspiration, show you my illustration techniques and help you try out yourself.

Because I’m staying in Sevilla for 3 more days to enjoy the city and sun, all webshop deliveries will be send on 7 December. If you prefer your order to arrive more quickly, you can take a look at my retailers list, maybe there’s a store close by.