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Illustration for Sarah Lawrence magazine

Posted on 11-09-2018

Bear hugs for Chronicle books

Posted on 28-08-2018

These 12 bears like to hug! The notecards are available at Chronicle books.

Illustration for little Linne

Posted on 22-08-2018

Clementine de la mer

Posted on 07-08-2018

For the winemakers of Logan I illustrated 2 wine labels last year, inspired by the winemakers daughter Clementine. This year they created a new wine named Clementine de la mer. An unique combination of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling -all skin- fermented. A little cloudy with zesty aromas like lemon, summer fruits and mandarin.

Wedding illustration for Johanna & Adriaan

Posted on 06-07-2018

Illustration for Thijs, Daniëlle, Saar and Rosie

Posted on 20-06-2018

Skip the straw | tiny stickers that help to reduce our straws

Posted on 10-05-2018

I’m very aware of the consequences a little straw causes to our environment. We only use them for a few minutes, but they stay on earth for hundreds of years. Most likely when you order a drink it comes with a straw, so often I end up using one. To remind ourselves and others, Dave and I made a tiny sticker thats helps to resist and change our habits to #skipthestraw. Free for download on www.story-hopper.com.

Tattoo illustration for Rob

Posted on 08-05-2018

Little invitation card for my parents birthday party

Posted on 18-04-2018

Wedding illustration for my friends Britt & Sander

Posted on 27-03-2018