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Frame ideas


If you are ready to frame an illustrations and looking for some inspiration, maybe these ideas will help you! In my webshop I sell prints in three different sizes: the small size is A4, the medium size is 29,5 x 37,5 cm, and the large size is 60 x 80 cm. It is very easy to find a frame for the small and large size prints as these sizes are standard. For the medium size, however, this can be a bit more challenging. The standard A3 size did not feel right for the illustrations that I made, so I adjusted the size. Because of this I am sometimes asked how to frame the medium sized prints in a nice way.


So here we go! I will give a few examples of ways to frame them, from cheaper to more expensive options.

You could frame the illustration in a slightly larger frame size and use a passe-partout, or stick it onto off-white paper. The frame I used for the photo is this one from IKEA (30 x 40 cm). I also love to shop at second hand stores and buy frames there, which gives me the possibility to work with different background papers and frame sizes. But a standard 30 x 40 cm frame works perfect as well.

The more expensive option is to ask a framer to create a custom made fitted frame. The Dutch website ‘De lijstenfabriek’ also offers frames in many different sizes. Sometimes a custom made frame by a local framer is just as expensive, depending on the material. When I go the framer I often choose for a metal (and therefore thinner) frame with a layer of wood veneer, but also love the natural oak wood frames.

Another option is to choose a frame with a glass front and backside, which is available in different sizes. There are many different brands who make glass frames, I bought the oakwood version from this website. It’s also nice to add a little flower or sprig to the glass frame.


I hope this information gives you some inspiration when looking for frames and maybe you can find more framing inspiration on my Instagram page.

My largest originals!


After an exhibition at Buutvrij, my 6 largest illustrations are back home and now for sale in my webshop! They are all framed in oak wood or black metal.
Let me know if you have any question or when you would like to see them in real life.


Illustration for Hanna


Organic by Knauf


Flower illustrations on organic wood wool panels for Organic by Knauf.

World Animal Protection Originals!


The 14 illustrations I made for the G20 World Animal Protection campaign are now online in my webshop! I donate the full payment of every sold original (excluding VAT and shipping-costs) to World Animal Protection. Later in November there will be 3 more originals added to the webshop. The originals are illustrated with black ballpoint pencils and colored pencils, on 300 grams, uncoated, off white Munken paper.

Illustration for Dominika


Personal project for Bree


World Animal Protection

I have always felt a lot of equality with all animals and I never understood why they would be treated so much different than humans. This became an important inspiration for my illustrations. During my study at the art academy I started to investigate this topic, mainly because I found out not everyone feels the same about animals rights.


For years, since 2011 when I tried my first ‘protest project’, I have been trying to make a difference in animal suffering by spreading little stories about how we are all one; my love for animals, nature and plant-based food. When I see animals suffering, I again become motivated to start a protest project, by visually expressing my activism. Many times I‘ve written in my sketchbook: “PROTEST PROJECT, and now for real.” But it never really happened. Until February, when World Animal Protection contacted me after seeing my message about this struggle on Instagram. That’s where our collaboration started, I finally found an opportunity to help with the great work they already are doing.

‘From the seas to the deserts, wild animals face the ongoing threat of cruelty and abuse. Bears are captured and forced to fight dogs. Dolphins get trapped in discarded fishing gear. Wild animals are traded as exotic pets. But long-lasting, genuine change is possible, so we move governments and communities worldwide to protect wild animals to keep wild animals in the wild, where they belong.’

Shinsegae Summer campaign


For the first time Puuvilla (which means cotton flower in Finnish) and his friends are celebrating Summer in the Shinsegae pool!
It was again such an inspiring campaign to illustrate, for the whole creation process video you can go to my instagram.