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Illustration for Faber


Vrije wroeters


The other new print that has been added to my collection is called Vrije wroeters, which means in English Free rootlers. Also printed on 300gr. Munken Arctic Paper and available in my webshop!



My newest print is inspired by the moorlands close to where I grew up + the 4 lovely chickens living in our backyard.  The girl and her friends are printed on (60x80cm) 300gr. Munken paper from Arctic Paper by Art libro, and available in my webshop!

Exhibition Buutvrij Tilburg


In 2013 I had one of my first exhibitions during the opening of Buutvrij, the coffeebar where my friends Marieke and Bibi serve the best juices. Now they reopened and I’m back too, with big originals, all made with ballpoint and colored pencils.

Cotton bison and cabbage


My two bags ‘bizon‘ and ‘savooikool‘, made from organic cotton in a fairtrade factory with water based ink, are now from €20,00 to €15,00 available in my webshop.

Studio clean-up!


This big original illustration has been lying around in my studio for a long time. I did like the pink background color, but because it was so different from my printed version, I kept it in the cabinet. But not any longer, now it’s for sale in my webshop among many other originals (who have been decreased in price as well!)

Shinsegae loves Christmas!


Christmas already has been a while ago, but I would love to share this campaign I did last winter with you. For the third year in a row I had the honor to work together with the team of the Korean department store Shinsegae to create their Christmas campaign. Our friend Puuvilla (who is a moving robot, waving his paws, blinking his eyes and sniffing his nose) was everywhere in and outside the buildings, together with his friends; the raccoon, fox and squirrel.

Illustration for Aggi


Centraal Station




Available for 30 days only! Until the end of February you can order through the Everpress website my 3 limited edition t-shirts! Made from 100% Fair Wear Foundation combed organic cotton. There are 3 different shirts, the beer, buffalo and forest. Click on the t-shirts to go to the Everpress website.