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This year I’ve been asked by MOAM to create one of the Dutch December stamps! Based on the Christmas stories of ten Dutch celebrities, ten artists have been asked to create a unique stamp and matching postcard for the Dutch postal service company PostNL. I had the honor to illustrate the story of Loretta Schrijver, she has been a vegetarian ever since Christmas evening 30 years ago. During our conversations we talked about our love for animals and we agreed to share the message; being kind to all animals!

New originals with frame in my webshop


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Volume 2


For the second volume of ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ I illustrated Simone Veil, a French survivor of the Holocaust who became one of her country’s most influential stateswomen as Minister of Health. Beside Simone Veil you will find 99 other stories of heroic women, illustrated by female artist from every corner of the globe. You can buy the book ‘here‘.

New originals in my webshop!


frankie magazine


In the latest frankie magazine you will find my ‘watering the plants’ illustration in poster size!

New prints!


There are 6 new prints in my webshop, all signed and printed on 300 grams off white Munken Paper from Arctic Paper.

frankie calendar 2018


I had the honor to make the illustration for the month July in frankie’s 2018 calendar! You can order it through the frankie webshop.

If you´re in a hurry, walk slowly.


I illustrated this line ‘If you´re in a hurry, walk slowly’ for the German/Austrian magazine SERVUS.




Soho Magazine


For Soho House magazine I made this illustration about the future of food. With climate change as a global concern, the need to combat both rising greenhouse gasses and food waste is driving the search for new ways of eating and new things to eat. These days we want our food to be healthy and good for the planet, too. Certain varieties like Dulse are known to be high in protein while algae is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, an alternative for those who don’t eat fish. In Amsterdam, food company The Dutch Weed Burger brand is bringing seaweed’s multifaceted benefits with its newly launched restaurant, the Joint.