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Little invitation card for my parents birthday party


Wedding illustration for my friends Britt & Sander


Illustrations for the German Flow magazin


Illustrations for Nest magazine


For an article in the Belgian magazine Nest I made several illustrations about using chemical pesticides in the garden. Let’s go for the natural resources!

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I’m going on a little holiday, so there will be no one in my studio to pack orders for the upcoming days. I will be back in my studio to send all orders to you on the 1st of March. If you prefer the package to arrive sooner you can also check my retailers in ‘contact‘, maybe there’s a shop close by!

Shinsegae loves Christmas


Last Christmas you might have seen my illustrations in or on the Korean department stores Shinsegae! They were everywhere; on the outside of the building, the elevators, the escalators, the wrapping-paper, the banners, the flags and the bags. My illustrations came alive in five Shinsegae stores as moving polar bear-robot that would say hello to you by waving their paws, actually sniffed their noses and blinked their eyes. They even made a stop-motion movie of all of my illustrated characters! You can find more information about the project *here*.

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You are able to order your Christmas presents at my webshop until Wednesday 20th of December. I’m going to South Korea!
I will send all orders placed after Wednesday to you on the 2nd of January.

Tattoo illustration for Anka




Together with Martijn from MOAM we were invited to talk about the Decemberzegels live in the national tv show ‘Koffietijd‘.



This year I’ve been asked by MOAM to create one of the Dutch December stamps! Based on the Christmas stories of ten Dutch celebrities, ten artists have been asked to create a unique stamp and matching postcard for the Dutch postal service company PostNL. I had the honor to illustrate the story of Loretta Schrijver, she has been a vegetarian ever since Christmas evening 30 years ago. During our conversations we talked about our love for animals and we agreed to share the message; being kind to all animals!