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Bij de wortels | 2013

During the winter of 2012, I moved to Helmond with Dave and our cat Lino. I also started my graduation project, which focused on researching the food industry in particular vegetable and fruit growing. There are several documentaries about poisons, dyes and chemicals in our lettuce which have inspired me to create a series of prints. In this series I tell the story of my Grandmother’s vegetable garden, which my Mother and her siblings worked. The fresh vegetables from the garden were prepared in the kitchen and eaten by the whole family.

My generation grew up with a fruit and vegetable section in the Supermarket, where lettuces are wrapped in plastic and are for sale in all seasons. The lettuces are mass produced and I am not certain what is put into them. After some research, Dave and I decided to create our own vegetable garden, in order for us to grow our own organic lettuce and other vegetables.