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Bont voor Dieren, Red een legkip, UNICEF & UN  | 2015

Illustration made with black ballpoint pencils for Bont voor Dieren, screen printed on cotton bags to raise money for the organization and to create more awareness about fur.

Illustration for Red een legkip, an organization that aims to save as many laying hens as possible from slaughter through adoption.

For UNICEF, my illustration was part of a campaign to raise awareness of small children growing up in areas with polluted air.

And for the UN my illustration was part of a campaign about the reality of refugee life in an animated “children’s book style”. With a group of other illustrators we created simple sketch illustrations depicting how a child experiences such joy with something as mundane as for example pajamas. Creating stability for refugee children (or all children for that matter) means so much more than what most people initially think –food and shelter alone just won’t cut it.