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Intuition and masks | 2021

In October 2020 I finished some projects in commission, and although I love to illustrate for clients, I sometimes feel the need to create things without any plan, sketch or reason. That’s why I looked for an other material then my normal paper and pencils and started working with wool and paper mache.

In the last few years, after graduating from the art academy, I’ve experienced that there is a difference for me when I’m creating through intuition or a thought out plan. You start somewhere and while creating you make all the decisions, based on your intuition. In my latest Youtube video I show you the process and explain how it works for me. You can watch the newest youtube video *here*. Hope you like it!

I made the masks with the natural wool from sheep living close by, that I know are living outside on the field and are being shaved without any abuse.
Every mask has one or more crystals and for the frame I used metal and cotton.