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Intuition and masks


Last October I finished some projects in commission, and although I love to illustrate for clients, I sometimes feel the need to create things without any plan, sketch or reason. That’s why I looked for an other material then my normal paper and pencils and started working with wool and paper mache.

In the last few years, after graduating from the art academy, I’ve experienced that there is a difference for me when I’m creating through intuition or a thought out plan. You start somewhere and while creating you make all the decisions, based on your intuition. In my latest Youtube video I show you the process and explain how it works for me. Hope you like it!

The masks I’ve made since October are all published on my work page and for sale in my webshop.

House portraits


Flows sea landscape in a jar


In the latest Flow Magazine you can find my sea landscape, which you can make yourself in an old jam jar.


Pick up Limes plates


For my friends Sadia and Robin from Pick up Limes, I created plate illustrations for their new recipe website on These plates with fruits, vegetables, grains and vegan proteins explain the plate method, a visual tool that helps to ensure your dietary needs. You can touch the images on the website to see how every recipe measures up.



Koloa campers


I am the lucky girl who has a boyfriend with a campervan. When we met he already owned a very old beautiful campervan and now he turned a normal van into a campervan himself.
This is the first campervan he rents out to go on adventures and you can check *his page* to see when it’s still available.

First Youtube video is live!


Last summer, talented video maker and my brother in law Joris Seghers filmed the illustration process while I was working on one of the projects for World Animal Protection.

Click on the picture below to watch the full video on Youtube and let us know what you think!

Love for Partij voor de Dieren


Webshop information! We are having a holiday from 2 till 18 January!


If you’re looking in my shop to purchase a print, postcards or bag, I can send out your package until the 2nd of January. We will be taking some time off until the 25th of January. ☼ If you place an order in the meantime, I will send your order as soon as I’m back in the studio, on the 18th of January.

When you prefer your order to arrive faster, you can have a look on my retailers list *here*, maybe there is a shop close by that sells the product you’re looking for.

I wish you a very happy, healthy and lovely New Year!